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description of the journey

But not all of our clients are close enough to make it to one of our gyms so this is when UP’s Online Training is introduced. Hetan has just turned the big 4-0 and with the help of just 20 weeks of our online nutrition and training guidance he now looks ‘magazine ready’…impressive right? We were so impressed with his new look that we just had to share the details on how Hetan swapped unwanted body fat to overly-welcomed muscle mass.

Problems Are Encountered:

My reason for choosing UP was that I was frustrated of not making any progress with my training and I know they were the best. On meeting my trainer for the first time we discussed how to progress and get my body fat down.

solutions for this case

trainer in charge of coaching:


Samantha Gains

The coach said: “My motivation was a simple one – I’d been a professional sportsman, but life had changed. Teenage kids, they move on, life changed a little more.”
Training Program
Achieved Results

1. 5 hours a day of practice:

Exercise 5 hours a day with many different exercises from jogging, cardio, gym, .. will help his body burn excess fat quickly.

2. Strict diet:

His body has too much excess fat, fat and carbohydrates should only eat the main green vegetables and divide into many meals a day.

3. Swim for 30 minutes a day:

Swimming for 30 minutes a day makes his body more supple, will not get tired after each training session, helps increase endurance and burn fat extremely quickly.

Results after 1 year of practice:

With my U.P. trainer’s guidance I dropped from 26% body fat to sub 10% body fat, pre photoshoot. My body weight dropped from 83.6kg to 64.3kg. Remarkably, I also gained strength.

Your results are a function of time spent following the plan; your genetic response to the right exercise and diet program; how hard you train; how consistently you come to the gym.





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